Bead Castle announced a sale on Trollbeads. 

The selection wasn’t huge but 2 ( wine harvest and midnight flower)  of the above 4 have been on my wish list FOREVER! Red flower keeps popping up so it popped in my cart and autumn stripe ( or whatever the red is called) had autumn in its name and I needed something positive about Fall, so in it jumped too. They are very primary colour-ish all together. 

What to do with them?  

Wine harvest was easy: I matched it up with my Ohmbead Snowjob:sip happens and a Trollbeads wine coloured prism.

  Autumns stripe and midnight flower both went on same leather that has a mixture of Trollbeads and Pandora on it.
  Bizarrely I liked the red flower in my pink/yellow Trollbeads leather bracelet, I guess the Pandora poppy and the Trollbeads Amber were the deciding factors.
I ended up reorganizing all my bracelets, but I will save those ones for another post 

What I read in September

 At first glance, to me, the books I picked up to read last month seem all over the place, but maybe that is how I usually operate. I haven’t done monthly recaps formally before, so I guess trends may start to emerge? 

How do I choose the books I read? Cover, recommendation, book club pics, author, blog post, review, and my “25 Books in whatever year it is”group on FB are the usual sources. 

Here are my September reads:

Let’s Get Lost is #YA and I picked it for its cover. It might have been a ” if you like this, read this” too. I couldn’t finish it. It’s a Harlequin Teen book and #godawful I rarely bail on books, someone took the time to write it, I picked it for a reason, there must be some redeeming factor to it. Not. This. Book. Forever thankful it came from the library! #gratitude

Another #YA , this time a graphic novel series, also from library. This book is #amazeballs. The campers are all problem solving, saving themselves and BFFs “no one left behind/I got your back” awesomeness. I want to read all the books. My niece is getting one ( or more) for Christmas. 

More #YA and again from the library. But this one could have been an adult fiction if it had been edited a bit differently or maybe written from  another or multiple  characters’ perspective. This is not to say it isn’t good, but that it is that good to read. It involves neighbours, one of whom’s son is abducted by their estranged husband. The child, Oliver, is picked up from school early one day in grade 2 and doesn’t return home. The story goes on to note how the people left behind cope and how their lives change. Until, 10 years later, Oliver comes back. The coming back is almost more painful. Beautiful, haunting, well written book.  

I got this one from the library, and picked it  for two reasons 1. The title and 2. A Man Called Ove by the same author. If you haven’t already read Ove, you really should. I LOVE Ove, I wish he was real. I wish he was my neighbour. He made me think of my dad, who I know was not as crotchety as Ove but would do anything for you like Ove. Anyways, Grandmother is a character and so is her granddaughter. The book has a somewhat similar style to Ove but not completely. Great message in this book about unconditional love, family, friendship. Probably be better to read farther apart from Ove so the two aren’t compared in your head. 

Patrick deWitt writes crazy books with crazy characters in them. His mind must be mayhem! The main character in this book is an unassuming, lacklustre weakling who lies, semi-compulsively and is usually caught out in his lies. And there are consequences for him lying and yet, he keeps on lying, hence the compulsiveness. The book feels like a fable with its gothic setting and character descriptions, but no moral is being taught. Sometimes this book veers right off into #crazytown ( you will know when you get there) and at the end of it you are kind wondering ” what the hell just happened?” Welcome to Patrick deWitt! 

What have you been reading? 


Fall ( Keeps on #keepingon ) 

It was 4 degrees this morning in London, Ontario

Nothing good about that temperature! 

It is another slow day in the supply teacher job market so out I go into the world looking for signs that all is not lost even if winter is imminent #sob

Sometimes our grocery stores look somewhat American with their products ( beats driving to Port Huron) ( not that there is anything wrong with PH, it is just a drive) and I have to buy it all. 

Nothing says Hallowe’en like Count Chocula! The box says there are Booberry treats too! #scareygoodness 

Because we haven’t completely gone overboard on pumpkin spice yet, right!? 

But mainly for prevention in the event of the zombie apocalypse (also imminent because The Walking Dead start this Sunday, October 11 on AMC) 

  There is a watermark on this cartoon that I am blatantly using for my own purposes @NoobWorksCards.com
 I am Canadian, so  I am compelled to purchase our home grown snacks.  

 Humpty Dumpty cheesies #worldclass and with bacon! 

But the biggest highlight was #beadmail 

OHM beads BOTM DEADHEAD arrived today. It smells like cinnamon which may or may not help in protecting me from the zombie apocalypse but I will certainly be styling 

Fall ( or how I deal with the death of Summer) 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with Fall ( sweaters, soup, leaves changing) just that it is a downward spiral into winter

But everywhere I turn, Fall in all of its glory!  Hallowe’en decorations,  gourds, pumpkins, and leaves changing colour and piling up.  So, I have a plan to slowly ease myself into this  harbinger of doom, make an autumnal bracelet.  Seriously, you don’t think this way, too?

Problem #1. My #ohmbeads deadhead hasn’t arrived yet ( more crying, see above)

Problem #2. Halloween isn’t my BIG holiday so besides Pandora’s  friendly ghost, I don’t have a lot to work with.

Problem #3. Theme? Tracy ( of @blkbtslonglegs ) had a brilliant idea of #autobergiving but I won’t steal it ( yet)

So my solution is:

 my new  Book Riot t-shirt. This is as crazy as it gets for me at Halloween. It is even a v-neck! No end to the madness!

Here is what I have to work with if I use above t-shirt for inspiration:

And this is what I am going to rock