Fall ( Keeps on #keepingon ) 

It was 4 degrees this morning in London, Ontario

Nothing good about that temperature! 

It is another slow day in the supply teacher job market so out I go into the world looking for signs that all is not lost even if winter is imminent #sob

Sometimes our grocery stores look somewhat American with their products ( beats driving to Port Huron) ( not that there is anything wrong with PH, it is just a drive) and I have to buy it all. 

Nothing says Hallowe’en like Count Chocula! The box says there are Booberry treats too! #scareygoodness 

Because we haven’t completely gone overboard on pumpkin spice yet, right!? 

But mainly for prevention in the event of the zombie apocalypse (also imminent because The Walking Dead start this Sunday, October 11 on AMC) 

  There is a watermark on this cartoon that I am blatantly using for my own purposes @NoobWorksCards.com
 I am Canadian, so  I am compelled to purchase our home grown snacks.  

 Humpty Dumpty cheesies #worldclass and with bacon! 

But the biggest highlight was #beadmail 

OHM beads BOTM DEADHEAD arrived today. It smells like cinnamon which may or may not help in protecting me from the zombie apocalypse but I will certainly be styling 


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