Bead Castle announced a sale on Trollbeads. 

The selection wasn’t huge but 2 ( wine harvest and midnight flower)  of the above 4 have been on my wish list FOREVER! Red flower keeps popping up so it popped in my cart and autumn stripe ( or whatever the red is called) had autumn in its name and I needed something positive about Fall, so in it jumped too. They are very primary colour-ish all together. 

What to do with them?  

Wine harvest was easy: I matched it up with my Ohmbead Snowjob:sip happens and a Trollbeads wine coloured prism.

  Autumns stripe and midnight flower both went on same leather that has a mixture of Trollbeads and Pandora on it.
  Bizarrely I liked the red flower in my pink/yellow Trollbeads leather bracelet, I guess the Pandora poppy and the Trollbeads Amber were the deciding factors.
I ended up reorganizing all my bracelets, but I will save those ones for another post 


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