New Moms’ Group

Once upon a time a group of New Moms met at the Landon Library in September 1999 with an RN from the Health Unit. We were a mixed bag whose only unifying feature ( at first) was that we had had our first baby in the Spring or Summer. 

Gunnar was 2-3 months old at that first meeting, 6 months might have been the oldest? All of the moms were sort of shell shocked with lack of sleep and little grasp on what lay ahead. The RN, Sheila, was so lovely asking us at the first meeting if we’d had a plan and had everything gone accordingly. Universally the answer was yes and no. And then Kellie announced she was already pregnant with her second. Pins could be heard CRASHING! 

Some moms didn’t even stick the group out, they wanted to be back at work. Goodbye. 

But a core of us stuck together. We had birthdays together. Play dates together. Plotted how to get pregnant with girls the next time together. Went back to work and had lunch dates together. Met for dinner without kids together. Cheered for second ( and third) babies together. Went camping and cottaging together. Held annual pool party bbq’s together. Went yard saling in Komoka together. Had annual pig roasts together. Just did stuff together. We watched our babies grow up together.  

And then those babies got big and everyone worked and there were hockey games, soccer games, dance classes, beavers, Cubs, baseball, singing, choir, swimming lessons, travelling, school and on and on and less and less together. 

Four years ago one of those moms, Tania passed away.

She was beautiful and funny and we were crushed. She had moved out of town and we had gotten busy and lost touch and she was gone. 
We swore we would get together more, keep in touch, be together. But those big kids and life kept us busy. 

And it has happened again. 

Our beautiful, full of life Lisa is gone too.

My heart is shattered for her 2 boys and her husband. She was funny and loving and positive and gorgeous. I am so sad she is gone. She made a huge difference being a part of all of our lives and we are the poorer for her leaving. 


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