Summer Adventure 2016

Beckett got to pick this year’s destination ( or at least make suggestions) because he is basically an only child for 9 weeks while Gunnar is a counsellor at CQE. Here is the oldest child hard at work.

So, we left late ( as usual, but even late for us) and the first day’s drive took even longer than we thought due to construction and traffic ( and it was Wednesday which felt like the new Friday). This meant both lunch and dinner was consumed on the road. Lunch was at Tim Horton’s ( didn’t even make it to the States #epicfail) and dinner at Burger King (#killmenow).


This place was pretty sweet. No cell service at all, so a nice break from everything. The reason we picked this park was 2-fold a) cabins b) close to Falling Water.

The tour was GREAT! We all loved it. And want to win the lottery so we can build one just like it. 

Then, because it is a bit warm we hit the beach after some lunch. 

John and Beckett rented some water bikes and went exploring. They said it was fun. I swam and floated and then read a bit on the beach. #winwinwin

Next stop: Washington DC

It might feel a bit warm. 


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