Washington DC 2016

We had a pretty painless drive here from the campground ( only a couple of hours away). We did have to stop for lunch en route and get gas. Actually, first we had to stop at Starbucks for iced coffee ( and to get some espresso re-ground so it worked in an actual espresso machine) and wifi after 2 days off the grid. But I didn’t take a picture of that 😁. 

Lunch was an American Classic ( in our minds, at least) 

A butterfingers shake for Beckett and burgers for all, mine was a jalapeño burger and it was amazeballs! 

Have I mentioned the temperature here? Yes? Well I will post it again because it is insane! 

We had a plan for the afternoon of our arrival which included a stop at the team store at the Verizon Center ( Beckett is a huge Capital’s fan) and at least one museum before dinner. We made it to the Verizon Center.

 But the team store is only open 3 times in the summer and we are not even close. 
And it is HOT. 

So we took our sweet time walking and public transporting to our dinner reservation. We got there a bit early, but they were very gracious and sat us right away. 

Ethiopic you might guess is an Ethiopian restaurant that is really well known in DC. I have wanted to go since we were here the last time, but it is a little off the beaten track  and no, we were not seated on the patio. 🙏🏻👏🏻 

Our dinner was the vegetarian sharing plate for 2 plus lamb tibs ( bite sized pieces of lamb and onions slow cooked in a sauce that was sooooo tasty) to round it up to 3 people. We inhaled it!!!!!

Our night concluded with a Target run for more Chobani. 


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