Washington DC day 2

Our first full day was even hotter than yesterday, everyone is a complete sweaty mess.

The real temperature is what the humidex goes to at home in a heat wave, the humidex here is hell #kiddingnotkidding

We started the day at theLincoln Memorial end of the  Mall and the plan was to walk the length of it seeing the various other memorials as we went. I voted to skip it because we have seen it before and it is so freaking hot but we’re here so let’s do this.

We also stopped at the Vietnam memorials, they break my heart every time.

Now that we were good and sweaty it was time to hit some museums. First up Museum of American History, literally the first one and glorious in all its air conditioned glory.

We just did a compressed tour with highlights from the last time we were here and we bought COLD drinks for jacked prices because we no longer care about anything but keeping cool. That’s Julia Child’s kitchen ( second pic) and we stopped to watch some of her old shows with Graham Kerr. I was laughing out loud. #bestshowontv 

and Elmo.

Next up was Museum of Natural History and Beckett got the map and lead us on a complete tour. He was a bit disappointed that the dinosaur exhibit is under renovation so it was in a bare bones state while construction is underway. But we learned about some new animals, and some that have gone extinct and there is a cool app you can get called skin and bones that you hold your device over the skeleton and it shows you what the animal really looks like, immensely cool. 

No pics from there 😁 too busy learning I guess.

 Next we went to the Amercian Indian Museum mainly just to eat lunch. It has a 3 star rated restaurant that isn’t cheap but nothing in the Smithsonian food sphere is, so it might as well be good. 

I had freijoda and B had a HUGE chimichanga. We also had gazpacho with smoked trout in it, John had tacos and tapioca for dessert. Seriously awesome and expensive lunch.
We were not done museum-ing  yet. Onward to Air and Space 🛩🚀

Beckett almost loved this one as much as Natural History. He explored every square inch. I would say this one needs some updating. A lot of it is circa 1980 and I’d like to think we have made some progress since then.

We were now all tired and even though we spent most of the day in museums, it was so hot outside when we were outside that it was barely bearable. And yet we saw people running #crazytown

We walked to a Starbucks for, you guessed it, cold drinks and wifi. The Smithsonian has wifi most places but it doesn’t let you do anything ( volume or state of service? I don’t know but it sucked and my regular data was impacted by something too, so I might as well of been off the grid) 

Then we went to a baseball game. 

Because yay, sitting outside in 49 degrees is AWESOME! The heat never really abated all day or night.

It was Star Wars day after all. They have ‘presidents’ that have running races races #mindblown that dressed up as Star Wars characters and fought each other. Completely nuts. Food at the game was excellent. They had a conference room set up as a cooling centre with AC cranked and ice water to drink. We ended up going for an inning just for a break. Nats had a 7-1 lead for a while and then almost blew it but squeaked out a 7-6 win right at the end of the ninth

12 hour day on the hottest day of the year. 


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