Sunday in Washington DC #thisplaceishot

First things first

This was the weather. All. Day. Long. You might notice that the ‘real’ temperature was up by 2 degrees today but the humidity was down by 2, add a fairly steady breeze for most of the day and that means it was almost pleasant. My ankles felt like they were burning a bit (think dry heat of Phoenix) and when you were in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time #scorching but overall, not bad. The turning point came between 5 and 6 pm while we were in the National Building Museum and some rain fell. It all went to hell after that, no breeze anymore , humidity jacked up again, tempers flared.

But enough about the weather. 

We started the day at the U.S. Holocast Memorial Museum. We were there for 2 hours and could have stayed for much longer. 

So. Much. Information.

The museum does a wonderful, informative, exhausting job of outlining how the world got to a place that something so unbelievably atrocious could happen. It goes back to Christ and works its way forward. I was crying by the time I got to the memorial. #whatyoudomatters

We needed to take a break and process what we had just read and seen so we ate lunch at the Museum of American History, the first place we came to. 

We took a walk through the sculpture garden beside the National Gallery of Art. A very restorative change of pace.

Beckett had no idea what the above sculpture was #vintageofficesupplies

A month or so ago, maybe more, #theheathasaddledmybrain we saw a CBS Sunday Morning article on the National Building Museum and an exhibit they had on doll houses. I was not missing this! If you have read The Miniaturist or were ever a little girl then I probably had you at “doll houses”. The exhibit showed the transition of housing styles in England with doll houses #awesome it also showcased the winners of a competition for dream houses which blew my mind.

Under the Stairs.

Made me think of Ready Player One.

The central exhibit is Icebergs! Perfect. Timing.

Which is literally the coolest thing. Cuz the weather sure ain’t.

Time for a snack? Why yes it is! 

We went to the Milk Bar and ate crack pie. And creamsicle floats. And chocolate cereal milkshakes. AMAZING! 

Heavily fortified or high on sugar, you pick, we walked to the White House cuz it was just down the street.

To round out this part of the day, we took a bus to Georgetown for dinner at Martin’s Tavern, est. 1933. Most of the presidents from Kennedy onward have had their own tables there, in fact Kennedy proposed to Jackie at booth 3 ( a little Camelot trivia for you). 

Then we walked back to Virginia and our hotel #crazy


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