Last day in the Capital

Because I always start with the heat, today didn’t feel so bad ( heat advisory on from 2-7pm but ended early) We took the subway downtown and did not do any long walks, instead we used the Circulator ( a bus the basically circles around the core including Georgetown and Virginia where our hotel is AND it only costs $1 AND your fare is good for 2 hours #bestdeal) 

We had timed tickets to start the day at the Spy Museum. We started with a “mission” that we had to solve in an hour, not the same as an escape room, more of a mystery with props. All of the kids in the group LOVED it. ” I think Topaz is a double agent” ” I think he’s double crossing the government” ” I know all about lie detectors ( and goes into exhausting detail of how they work)” 😂 then we spent 2 hours going through the museum. If you are a James Bond fan, this place is your Mecca! 

Starvation set in at this point. We saved the free world but forgot about ourselves. #thegreatergood

Lunch was a non-Smithsonian Cafe on the sculpture garden grounds that brought back memories of Paris

We ate inside even though all the awesome art was outside #tooeffinghot

We did the Hirshhorn Art Gallery after lunch. One installation was done all with radiating straight and wavy lines made with a Sharpie on 2 tone painted walls. It was HUGE and was the entire inner circumference of the gallery #futuregoals

Then it was time for SHOPPING!!! 🎉🎉👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻  Georgetown has an awesome strip of stores!!

Madewell and Camper for me. J Crew for John, Abercrombie for B and a sporting goods store for B and G #shhh #itsasurprise 

Dinner was at Good Stuff Eatery ( the Obama’s favourite) Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn’s place #omg #bestburgersever #bacononbacon

Last walk across state lines 


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