Back to nature #goshenandoah

We tend to flip between nature and urban spaces on our summer vacation, chilling off the grid and cooking on the Tarmac ( Washington humour) , but this time round I was way off the grid. My phone has been AWOL for 4 days and initially I thought it was just cuz I was in a National Park BUT everyone else was able to use their phone. It didn’t bug me at first but then it was just WEIRD. But what to do, my phone didn’t work AT ALL. We were staying at Skylands, the highest topographical part of Shenandoah, and it got hit by lightening on Sunday. When we got there Tuesday, they were still off the grid , so no wifi, no computers, in fact they had given our cabin to someone else because they didn’t think we were coming until Wednesday #facepalm I sent a message to Rogers Helps using wifi at the Big Meadows visitor centre but they didn’t reply in the 20 minutes we were there, so that was no help. 

In the meantime, we are explored and enjoyed a really glorious piece of this earth that is unbelievably close to a major US city.

Our first room, we had a picnic dinner and then complimentary breakfast because of the mix up 😘

Anyone notice that I have a long sleeve shirt on or with me? It is cooler in the mountains! Hallelujah 🎉 biscuits and gravy, cheesy grits OMG I love me some southern breakfast 

Our first hike here, fuelled by that mighty breakfast was the Rose River Trail, a total beauty! 

Beckett says it was uphill both ways and it sure felt like it. It is like a rainforest in the woods, the humidity is off the charts. B had already worn all of his dry fit stuff and had the above outfit left or dressier stuff, he claimed to be dieing.

But we survived.

Beckett has pretty much outgrown the junior ranger program, sob. 

I tried to get a solution for my phone.

 I did laundry. 

We had showers in our cabin. NOTHING beats a shower after a sweaty day! 

There was a WICKED thunderstorm and our lights flickered a bunch, but we had picnic supplies for dinner again ( aka wine) and I sewed patches on Beckett’s camp blanket. It was positively chilly, see B’s long pj pants, best sleep in the cold night with all the windows open.

Second hike on second full day at Mary’s Rock

If I thought the first hike felt like a rain forest, this hike was a wake up call, cooler than yesterday but sweltering humidity. 

The flora was quite beautiful and unique 

View from the top

The boys 

and in case we forgot we were in bear country

He really was that close, eating all the berries and not worried about us at all. 

Beckett wanted one of the big hot chocolates he saw people getting at breakfast yesterday and we had planned on going up to the Lodge that night, but the thunderstorm kinda cramped out style. So

Hot chocolate and some clogging was in order, no pics and my video won’t link 😢

A final look at our cabin, so cute 

Onward to Colonial Williamsburg! 

( I discovered if I I turned off my phone I could get service briefly before it crashed off the grid again. I managed to have a text talk with Rogers and they reset my phone, finally, so fingers crossed I can keep on, keeping on) 


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