Beckett’s Re-do: Colonial Williamsburg

Once upon a time the extended Koreen family headed back to Colonial Willaimsburg for an Easter holiday, this time with the grandkids. The grown ups spoke very fondly of the first trip, the historic house we stayed in, the great food we ate, how much fun it was to be immersed in 18th century colonial life. The kids were pumped. Beckett wasn’t feeling well. In fact, he felt miserable, and who wouldn’t with a double ear infection. He has wanted a do over ever since. Summer 2016, Beckett is an only child while Gunnar works at CQE and this means B gets to pick our destination and Colonial Williamsburg it is.

We are not staying in a historic house this time ( different budget 😂) we are staying at the Governor’s Inn and while it has a great pool and includes breakfast and is walking distance to Colonial Williamsburg ( we are in the hood) you need to check your room carefully when you stay here #verytiredcanmeandirty

As always, the weather is a great starting point

Yep, it’s hot here

We toured the Palace and the maze behind it ( one of B’s happy memories) 


Bad boys, #whatchagonnado 

Beckett wanted an authentic meal this time around, since he pretty much missed all the others, so Josiah Chowning was our lunch destination 

No spirits were consumed at lunch, too hot, I would have fallen asleep in all the horse poop

After lunch there was a lot of walking and checking out the tinsmith, the silversmith, the milliner, the binder, the various shops and tours at the Powell House, the Gaol and the Public Hospital. 

We ended the day with the Fife, drum and cannon and then went into Williamsburg for take out from Paul’s Deli

And dinner wasn’t just sandwiches 

I can’t say enough awesome stuff about Paul’s Deli! It seems family owned and operated, the food was GREAT! and every single person working there was friendly and invested in us getting good food and service. ( Beckett inhaled his meatball sub before I could get my phone out for a pic) 

Out hotel, not so much. 


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