#beadbashonthelake aka “no boys allowed”

This past weekend I went away, for the entire weekend, without my family! 

No boys allowed! 

Martha, Cheryl, Sarah and I left on Friday morning at 9-ish am on our Big Adventure to Mentor, Ohio. This stopped the border guards cold both going there and coming back ” What’s in Mentor, ma’am?” They did a great job of looking interested as I rambled on about the awesomeness of our adventure and beads.

I had dreams of Steak ‘n Shake  for lunch.

Alas, they did not come true.

Our first stop was a mall that had a Trollbeads concept store in it. They have an AWESOME policy that if you have a bracelet that is a length that isn’t working for you, you can exchange it for another one. Trollbeads bracelets have separate locks, so the chains themselves might get tarnished but they don’t get worn like a lock might. This may be why they have the exchange policy. 

Anyways, I had  one bracelet that was shorter than my other 2 ( #firstworldproblems) and they switched it no problem, so now all 3 are the same length. 

Now I can try braiding them, or just wearing them like this picture I found on Pinterest.


I also bought my first set of X links in navy blue 😆. They had a promo of buy a lock and get 18 links free, so basically a bracelet. 

Here is my #mcctrish walking out of the store with my new links and bracelet trying to hold a catalogue #failing 

Then we headed to Great Lakes Jewellery, hosts of Bead Bash on the Lake. 

Martha was an excellent navigator, so a huge shout out to her for keeping us always on track. 

I didn’t take any photos when we got to GL, I had left my phone in the car 🙄 and there was just so much talking and looking and oohing and ahhing I didn’t realize it until it was time for us to go ( we only had about an hour and that hour FLEW).

Great Lakes graciously invited us to dinner with them  and Julia and Alexey ( Truebeadz), Mike and Jenny ( Ohm). the other reps and the friends and family helping them run the Bead Bash. 

The next day we went back to GL. 

Martha had a plan to make a movie with #ohmgnome and some of Ohm’s upcoming beads to be released.  You can see it on Martha’s IG account @marthnickbeads or her blog by same name at WordPress.

Julia wanted to get a lesson on how to #mcctrish, which Alexey and Martha also videotaped ( it is on Martha’s IG and blog too Bead Bash on the Lake) not sure if that link works

We did some shopping at GL, I bought a Gurgle Pot , I have wanted one for ages, but couldn’t decide on a colour, since I just painted the kitchen , I decided on grey.

We all got to try lampmaking with Julia, she was so patient and supportive

And looks way hipper in her purple tinted glasses than us! 

Beads were purchased.

Bracelets were modelled.

Friends were made

Good times were had by all! 

Where to next? 


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