Elections at Remembrance Time

I don’t write enough to feed my soul and maybe I write too much for what others want to read but November 2016 has me thinking and I need to process. 

I am reading redeployment by Phil Klay right now and it is a bitter truth to wrap my brain around. It is a series of windows into the world of modern warfare. Each ‘chapter’ speaks from a different perspective within the machine of war; soldier, priest, civilian, bureaucrat and what each of the people have to say is FUCK. I think their message applies to the world in general right now. 

It is November so I am thinking about Remembrance Day created 98 years ago to honour soldiers who fought in the war to end all wars, WW 1. Their sacrifices were to ensure peace on a global stage. Unfortunately that war didn’t end them all,  we saw a repeat in 1939 with more players and a continuation of more and more in the decades that followed.

Back in 1918 the world was pretty isolated from itself, news moving slowly from one side to the other. You could understand someone being wary of strange languages and customs. In 2016 with most everyone having a smart phone and cable and access to news and social media 24/7 why are we not more accepting and understanding and inclusive? We have google translate at our finger tips,to know what is being said and Wikipedia to explain customs and traditions different from ours.  Yet large groups of people seem to be more exclusionary, less forgiving and understanding and want to put walls up where they never existed before. 

The poppy symbolizes Remembrance and should be worn over the heart to encompass love and acknowledgment of the sacrifice of so many so we can live freely and peacefully. Is this in vain? Do we live in peace? Do we feel love and understanding for our fellow human beings? Last night’s American election is sending a message around the world that many hear as one of hate and intolerance ‘trumping’ love and acceptance. That ‘other’ won’t be tolerated. For America to be great again difference needs to go. 

I wear my poppy on my wrist ( so it won’t fall off) because it is beautiful and symbolic of beauty in us. It is hard to see and hear beauty over the rabble in the Trump election pit but I ask you to try. “The torch, be yours to hold it high” don’t break faith with those who have already sacrificed. I ask you to sacrifice a bit yourselves. This November 11 when you spend a moment reflecting on all that has been given already, think on what you can do to make this world better for you being in it. 

What sacrifice can you make? Where can you help? Whose life or situation can you make better? 

Americans wanted change and they have voted it into office. 

We need to show the world that love and acceptance and understanding rule the future. We can make the world great ourselves. 


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