The weather outside is frightful

November 19 is the day the snow came. 

Friday looked like this

20 degrees Celsius 

And today the weather network says this:

Which does help it feel more like Christmas is coming. But.

So rather than look out the window, I have been thinking about what has been making me happy. And some of it makes me ridiculously happy. 

These 2 impulse beauty buys at my last Sephora VIP Rouge discount night are amazeballs! Marc Jacobs gel high liner eye pencils are like using oil pastels on your eyes. The colours are INTENSE and they glide on like butter but are dry and not runny. I bought Navy noir and Ro(cocoa) and I love them both, well maybe the navy a little bit more. Cuz it’s blue and you know, blue 💙.

This book ⬆️ is making me laugh and shudder, sometimes at the simultaneously.

I read about it on Litsy and if you like to read and you don’t know Litsy, what the hell?! Litsy is like Instagram and facebook for book nerds. It’s a whole new world people!


Anywaste, the book is set in West Virginia, aka Crapalachia and it chronicles the life and times of Scott growing up and his extended family. If you liked the Glass Castle or Jenny Lawson, have I got a book for you! It’s a quick read that I got from the library that I wish I had bought so I could hand off to people I think would enjoy it as much as me.

Speaking of awesome things, Gilmore girls is back this Friday November 25 on Netflix. Sometimes life just lines up perfectly. Last year I got it in my head to watch all 7 seasons of GG just because (I watched  something like 140+ episodes in 75 days) and then there was a tv-con, like comic con but for tv shows off the air, and rumours started circling about a revival with the right ending.

 All. The. Feels.

So I’m ready for Friday.

But in the meantime, John and I have been binging on:

The Durrell of Corfu.  I have never laughed or yelled at my tv as much with any other PBS Masterpiece show. It is so good! It is set in the 30’s and revolves around a widow and her 4 children who are so dissimilar it baffles her as much as us. They relocate to Corfu because they are all so unhappy she thinks only a major change will make a difference. It does. ❤️. So I am thinking a trip to Corfu would be nice.

And this:

Starbucks chilli mocha! Some sweet heat to get your engine started. I get mine made half sweet, with non-fat milk and no whip and it is still nirvana in a cup! 

I have to go to hockey now. Might make it beside the ice today since I have to dress for the cold now.


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