Best books of 2016

I read 80 books last year which isn’t bad. I am a pretty fast reader, not a savourer like my husband. My #tbr pile is too big, I am always jonesing for the next book. I have a really hard time bailing on books too so I will finish even if I feel like it is killing me to read….one….more…..word. 

These pics show my reading history backwards, in 3 big chunks.

Young adult picks from this group:

How To Hang A Witch is like a modernized The Crucible ❤

Evil Librarian had me at Librarian and girl power ❤

Paper Girls is graphic novel kick ass sci fly girl power perfection

Winter is the final book in the Lunar chronicles which is a fairy tale reboot of awesomeness


Jane Steele is more of a reworking of Jane Eyre than a retell but OMG is is fantastic

Sense and sensibility is perfect for any Jane Austen lover

Vinegar Girl is a reboot of Taming of the Shrew ❤ one of the first Shakespeare plays I ever saw

All the stars:


The Readers of Broken Wheel Recomend 

I Let You Go


Young adult picks:

Beastly Bones second in a series where Sherlock meets Dr Who ❤ better than 1st

Jackaby is the first 

Nimona a graphic novel that rocks girl power too

Six of Crows, I have no words but the next book can’t come fast enough 

The Serpent King

Good but light and easy:

Up to this Pointe


Me Before You

love in lowercase


Just Plain Good:

Sleeping Giants

We’re All in This Together

salt to the sea

Where All Light Tends to Go

The Portable Veblem 


Young adult:


My Life Before Me

Good, good, good:

The Book of Speculation


The Library of Mount Char

In the Unlikely Event

Books I should have bailed on:

The Sentimentalists

John dies at the end

13 ways of looking at a fat girl

A God in ruins

Grasshopper jungle

2 of these are just not my genre ( John and grasshopper) so easy to avoid in the future. 13 was just depressing, sentimentalist was too but for different reasons and god in ruins broke my heart with its style because the author is one of my favourites. 

I am going to try and do monthly round ups of what I’m reading this year

 #fingerscrossed 🤞🏻