February 2 aka mid-point of Winter

Winter’s short days and cold everything gets me down. This winter has been all that but worse, GREY. Every day for weeks. It’s relentless and depressing. Seriously depressing. Like all the joy is sucked out of everything. Which is actually a clinical form of depression. SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing and while I don’t think I truly have it, I know I seriously skirt the edges of it. All the time.

So, how to survive the rest of winter? 

This is what has got me through so far:

Books. 😂😘 you never saw that coming

Those are what I read in January. They were all great for many reasons. I have been easily distracted by social media and it is getting worse with all the Trump news. I need to get back to my books or any other constructive distraction. 

TV shows:

Timeless 😱👍🏻 is a time travelling show that has my whole family engaged. There is history, adventure, witty banter, good vs evil, suspense, mystery, friendship #allthefeels 

This is Us. 

Can we talk about how this show makes you ugly cry EVERY episode? It is so good but so damn sad. And real. #relationshipgoals


The sun is making the tiles in my kitchen so warm I can almost trick myself into not seeing snow when I look up. It’s Groundhog Day today and the majority of hogs say Spring is coming early this year 🎉🙏🏻👍🏻

And the crazy little Instagram dioramas I’ve been making with #ohmgnome from Ohmbeads and Star Wars characters: 

January went pretty fast but this week has been going backwards it’s sooooo slow.

Here’s to getting your heart on in February and Spring showing up sooner than later! 

What are you doing to survive lately? 


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