Spring Break 2017: Madrid, Spain

This year we choose to go a little farther than our usual March Break destination because this is probably Gunnar’s last March Break with us for a while ( he graduates in June). We wanted somewhere European, somewhere with direct flights from Toronto and somewhere we could use our Aeroplan points to = lots of options that were awesome BUT there was a deal ( like half points) to Madrid, so our decision was EASY! 

Boys sat behind us on the flight, which was a tad bumpy so nobody got a lot of rest and that made for a long first day. No one was complaining because the weather was gorgeous. And churros.

We went to Parque de el Retiro for a couple of hours just to walk and it was a perfect antidote to sitting on a transatlantic flight ( and the fact the weather 24 degrees C didn’t hurt).

Interesting fact, people in Madrid love roller blades. I should have taken a picture.

We spent about 2 hours exploring what used to be the royal gardens that were opened to the public in the 18th century. It used to have the city zoo in it which has since moved on to larger quarters in the outskirts, ( abandoned spaces ALWAYS make me think of The Walking Dead) but some enclosures are still there. 

We stored our bags and coats in the train station until we caught a cab to the apartment we rented through Home Away.

After a crazy, seemingly random turn filled FAST taxi drive ⬆️ this apartment is a lovely home away from home.

We didn’t take a long time to settle before we headed out into Old Madrid and get our bearings.

More food;

God, I LOVE European bread!!!! ( that’s calamari in that sandwich #swoon) 

We did a bit of shopping, I bought shoes ( big surprise), the boys bought soccer shirts (thanks grandma Mary Margaret) and we picked up groceries. We were at Lidl first and then El Corte Inglés ( the big Spanish department store) which has an AWESOME grocery section ( I can only imagine what Harrods is like) and the boys wanted this:

a giant pork rind made on site. I got the freshest, most amazing, home made potato chips on the planet but they pale in comparison 😂

We were officially exhausted. So dinner and bed. 


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