Monday in Madrid

Aka the day we slept in cuz we stayed out late the night before at a soccer match and we are so not on this time zone #lotsofcrankypantsinourapartment

MUCH cooler today, not like home,  we had to wear jackets #madridproblems

Today we walked in a different direction of old Madrid to the Prado ( Museo del Prado) and interesting fact: students and teachers get in free to all museums 🎉👍🏻 so glad everyone brought their student cards/teacher cards 

Again, no photography inside but lots of interest in seeing the IRL versions of paintings I learned about in art classes and English/history class. A few debates over the proper names of gods depicted in extra gory detail ( Saturn/Chronos eating one of his children). We can all spot King Carlos a mile away, bonus points to whomever sees him first ( museum version of yellow car 🤣 #itsalondonthing) 

We are not respectful at all. His expression cracks us up.

We finally saw the bear/tree sculpture and it was just like seeing the peeing boy in Brussels, we expected it to be huge

It’s bigger than the boy but still…..

Lunch was OMG good at Estado Puro with more tapas and lots of sharing but we sat down so way more relaxing 

We had croquettes with mushroom or ox tail or ham filling. Octopus. Cod Madrid style. Tortilla Español. Spanish style ham sandwich. And cava 🥂

More walking and some shopping. I found a Camper store and bought the shoes I wanted. We went to the big department store El Corte Ingles and the boys got new bathing suits and some shirts. Gunnar is trying to talk me into a sport coat but I don’t know.

Then it was the grocery store AGAIN for supplies for dinner and just because we don’t have it at home. 

Overall a lovely day, very windy and still amazed we are here. Now to get on this time zone.


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