Tuesday is sightseeing in Segovia day 


Canada needs high speed trains! People would ride them. Segovia is about 100 km from Madrid. We took the high speed train 

and it took less than 30 minutes 👍🏻🎉😂

No wifi like in the Netherlands ☹️ but we survived.

It was a bit confusing tho’ but that’s because…… Spanish. We walked to the Metro station that is by the big department store ( El Corte Inglés) to catch one of the commuter subways to one of the train stations which we thought ( John had asked for it to be) was  included in our train tickets but, no. So we had to buy Metro  tickets from a kiosk with limited English prompts and 2 ‘assistants’ and a LOT of people in need #increasedstresslevels. Then mine was defective going through  the turnstiles ( I know what defecto means 🤓, John not so much when I tried to explain 😝 ) but a very nice lady told her husband to hold the gate for me 😘😘 needless to say we missed the subway 👎🏻 We made it to train station but no signage in any language and lots of trains and platforms and hurrying people. Thank god for security people. The above pictures prove we got on and fast it was!

 It was just slightly longer from Madrid to Segovia than from Segovia train station to the aquaduct 😂

The weather is just gorgeous as these pictures will testify to, blue skies and mid teens in temps.

We walked and strolled and ambled our way through the town.

A strong Moorish influence is seen everywhere you look. All of these homes had towers that the king made the owners ‘crop’ in order to retain their property as Catholicism exerted its influence. 

We explored a castle, Alcázar ( that Disney used as inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s which means I might need some new charms 🤔 as souvenirs ) 

We walked through the cathedral. 

The highlight for the boys was lunch José Maria.

I don’t know who those people were, they wouldn’t leave 😂

Here’s our pig ⬇️ they bring it by your table to show you, then the pig guy uses a plate to cut it up ( there is a lot of whacking and crunching) 

Best. Lunch. Ever. 

Overall a wonderful day spent immersed in history.


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