Holy Toledo!  ( or where we went on Wednesday) 

Another high speed adventure for us, this time to Toledo. A very holy city where people of the big three faiths live in harmony; Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Sephardic Jews coined the term Holy Toledo once upon a time

The train station ⬆️ is gorgeous and a heritage site. 

The view is all up upon arrival! 

There are a few ways into the walled city, we walked and thankfully that included about 6 escalators 🤣

And coffee ☕️

Our main focus in Toledo was the cathedral. Otherwise we just wanted to wander the streets some no wider than a coffee table and older than our brains could grasp. 

Once upon a time there was a mosque here. The king, when beginning plans on his cathedral, promised he would find a site that did not impact on the mosque. Then he left town and the queen and chief advisor said ” build on the mosque” ( no wonder we have trouble getting along) Anyways, the cathedral is built in such a way that the mosque is incorporated inside with soaring inner halls that makes it wider and airier than all previous cathedrals. Amazing and gorgeous! And freezing! 

The cloisters are my favourite! 

The art work was astounding! Between the art work commissioned by artists like El Greco and the frescos covering wall after wall, this cathedral is truly unlike any I have seen. It is light filled and feels celestial. It is a tribute to God but a testimony to the amazing skills and talent of so many people. 

After a traditional lunch, we sat outside in the sunshine and listened to this wonderfully talented man play Spanish guitar 🎵🎶 


 Another history filled day that we rounded out with a walk through a Templar exhibit in a monastery and a final stroll through the crazy little streets that don’t seem capable of fitting cars and yet ….


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