Sleep in Thursday aka travelling with teenagers

After 2 days of setting an alarm to get up and out in time to catch trains, today was a nice respite of sleeping until we woke up and then having a leisurely breakfast. The teenagers still required multiple prompts to Get. Out. Of. Bed. but I wasn’t losing my mind. So much. 

When we were all ( finally) upright, we walked over to the Reina Sofia ( have I mentioned how awesomely located our apartment is? We can walk everywhere but Metro is super handy too! ) 

The Reina Sofia, Madrid’s modern art museum, is in Madrid’s first public hospital. The focus is 20 th century Spanish artists but there are others to see. What John loved  is that they have curated film to match the art periods! It’s a very cool presentation that presents the art and the time in which it was created.

Picasso ⬆️

Sonia de Klamery ⬆️

Dali ⬆️

Picasso’s Guernica is here ❤️ I have been intrigued and enamoured by this work of art since I encountered it on my history text book in high school. That a painting could demonstrate and express the horrors of war on a basic and intricate level at the same time, unbelievable. It is huge IRL. You can not photograph it ☹️ #bucketlist #nailedit

You’d never guess how engaged they were looking at this photo 

Lunch is Galatian inspired, so Turkey?

With sangria because I drink at lunch time now. And dinner. I guess when I start at breakfast we can worry. 

 Calamari stew ❤️

Lots of seafood!!!

Walking and shopping followed.

A hole in the wall soccer store with a HUGE selection of jerseys. Both boys bought one. Gunnar got new boots for outdoor season. Still not sure how we even saw it, oh wait, we are travelling with teenagers 😂

Beckett likes to mock me because I am so easily distracted while we walk down the street. The buildings are breathtaking, the people wear such awesome shoes, everyone has such cool scarves on, stores have cute stuff, bakeries………

I mean look at this ⬆️

Somehow it got dark while we were walking 🤣

I may have done some shopping ( and found my new favourite store, only in Spain 😝) 


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