So I lied about our last day #stillinMadrid

Well the day started promising enough. I heard the alarm go at 5:30 and got right up and in the shower. The boys didn’t require 15 wake up prompts! There was a little bit of food left for breakfast to tide us over until we got to the airport. The taxi app we used to get a taxi to pick us up at our apartment worked like a charm ( if you could see the crazy, convoluted, tiny warren of streets we navigated you’d share my amazement!) 

There is little to no traffic on Madrid streets at 7 am so we made it to the airport in record time 👍🏻 it was a bit disconcerting that at 7:20 am there were next to no security staff on but they all hustled out to man their X-ray machines quick enough.

 I wasn’t chosen for extra screening! 🎉

Some time for candy choosing! 

Settled in nicely! 

Reading and making notes so not paying attention to the time. And then I kept seeing some people pacing and I was thinking ” what hell is going on? Sit the freak down already!” 

And I looked at the time. And the announcements started. Followed by the dreaded “gather all your belongings” 

That’s the kiss of death. 

Bus delivery.

Air Canada is hosting flight 837 here with all meals included. 

It was almost 4 before we got here. 

Football in the bar keeps the boys occupied.

Then we went out to explore around the hotel. There’s a lovely park next door.

It’s almost time for dinner 🎉🍷

Then early to bed to start it all again tomorrow. 

So far they are sticking to ⬆️ the above insanity 


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