One Day Adventure

Today we went on a wild Wednesday adventure, just John, Beckett and me.

We went to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington. What a beautiful artistic space this is! Teachers get in free 🎉and students get a discounted rate 🎉

We went this week, instead of when Beckett was at camp, because there is a joint collaboration with LEGO at the RBG until mid September.

It’s sort of a scavenger hunt to find the LEGO sculptures.

It was a pretty hot day today but it’s amazing how much cooling a garden or green space does to the temperature. It’s also fun to find shady nooks for respite from the sun.

These LEGO signs let you know where the sculptures are and some interesting facts.

Some of the LEGO sculptures are big and some are delicate

It was wonderful to wander through the gardens and find them.

I loved that all of the flowers and plants are ones that could grow in my garden and I have a bit of a list and a lot of inspiration now.

Beckett cooling off

John plotting our course 

Telling time 

Which means it’s time for lunch 

Right across from RBG is a great place for lunch that has been around since 1930 😱it serves every kind of foot long hotdog imaginable and ice cream, it’s called Easterbrook’s and I totally recommend it 🌭🍦


2 thoughts on “One Day Adventure

    1. It was a fun day and we were surprised how big the RBG is, if it wasn’t such a hot day you could bring bikes and ride between the gardens which are quite spread out ( we only went to 2)


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