Summer 2017: First stop Montréal

It’s just the 3 of us on the road this summer because Gunnar is a second year counsellor at CQE. We wanted to stay in Canada this summer to celebrate the 150th and since Montréal is celebrating her 375th, this seemed the place to start.

John drove and with a stop for gas and lunch, it took 8 hours. Traffic was kind of nuts past Toronto around Bowmanville, not sure where they were all going to on a Thursday afternoon?

We drove straight to the Jean Talon market ( great sign) 

Grabbed dinner and breakfast

Best tortiere in the world. Everyone already knows about the bagels.

Friday’s weather was predicted to be hot and sunny so we headed to Parc Jean-Drapeau where the beautiful Plage Jean-Dorè is located. It’s a man made paradise created by all the rubble from building the Metro and filling in part of the St Lawrence river #smartasf@€£

We were so worried it would be packed 😂

Parks Canada had shovels and pails for families to borrow and cute little slides for kids to use in the water.

But the big kids went around to the other side for Aquazilla

My #lackofabs are killing me from hauling myself out of the water every time I slipped, fell, slid, launched into the water and from laughing so hard. 

Maximum 80 people can be on this Wipe Out like obstacle course for an hour. John and I were exhausted, Beckett just wanted a food break.

We did take a food break but then just hung out on the beach instead of taking on Aquazilla again. 

We went back to our hotel to clean up and walk by our hotel.

Montréal has some amazing outdoor art and music everywhere in the summertime.

We had a quick bite to eat at Olive et Gourmando

Everything was delicious !!!!

We are right on the edge of the gaybourhood and there are rainbows and acceptance everywhere you look

This awesome garden has a pop up bar, live music and a vegetable garden. In the middle of Montréal. Crazy. Fantastic. Goodness.

There is tennis to watch too. No tickets for us, but the tv coverage is fantastic en français.

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