Last day in Montréal ( days ago now) 

My connection to the internets has been tenuous, so blogging is at a snail’s pace

Last day in Montréal means subway rides and lots of walking. 

We headed to Olympic Park and the biodôme first thing ( still working on it 40 years later 😏)

It’s a bit smaller than we thought and even though you walk through the first 2 climate zones, you only get to view the third ( arctic) one

John was using his listening ears 😂and we found the sloth 🎉

Of course they had raccoons, I can see those in my backyard, so I am not taking a picture of them, otters on the other hand, you can’t tear me away from ❤️ I am semi-transfixed by Sturgeons, so ugly but pre-historic 

A baby was born 


Apparently there were penguins up here before we ate them all

No penguins around so we went to Le Gourmet Burger for lunch ( I couldn’t finish mine #thankgodforteenageboysnofoodgoestowaste ) 

Much walking follows

We headed to MMFA Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where 2 great exhibits are on ( article in Saturday, August 12 issue of the Globe and Mail talks about the Expo67 exhibit we saw earlier and Revolution here) 

Revolution was amazing! It covered the cultural, political and social changes that were taking place ( and why), the sense of optimism is unmistakable in all of the colours and styles of the times. As a complete juxtaposition, we were just learning of Trump finally acknowledging the events in Charlottesville and his ‘condemnation’ of white supremists, neo-nazis, etc’ and the hollow ring to it all. How could the Revolution we were looking at have ended up with these current events? 

The second exhibition was more my thing 

Not that John and Beckett don’t share my belief in Love is Love, but I like the wedding finery more 👰🏻👰🏼👰🏽👰🏾👰🏿🤵🏻🤵🏼🤵🏽🤵🏾🤵🏿

I wanted to touch all the fabrics. I wanted pictures of everything but there were too many people in a smallish space to get good photos without the people in the pics #wrecksthevibe

And just because I fell in love with this one ( part of the MMFA collection) 

Isn’t it gorgeous? 

 The news for the last while out of the US has made me wonder how people in a first world country can be so evil, so unforgiving, so narrow minded, so racist, so brutal. It feels sweeping and bottomless and horrific. Spending time in Montréal, with its build up to Pride, celebrations of love and art and music everywhere we turned put some balance to the craziness erupting too close to home. If people can create all this beauty, there must be hope for us


Dinner was poutine

See John at the end? #neverleavehomewithoutreadingmaterial

It all looks kind of awful but it tasted divine. Completely worth the wait and a fitting end to our Montréal adventure

Next stop: Shawinigan and La Maurice National Park ( I wonder if we’ll see Jean Chrétien?)

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