Deuxième partie de nos vacances: La Mauricie National Park

We actually stayed in Shawinigan instead of camping #crazytimes Beckett spent enough time in a tent while on out trip and I can’t bear the packing and unpacking of all that stuff anymore.

Canada’s Birthday meant free National Park passes for all Canadians with access to parks all year long. John was all over this as soon as they were available. We wanted to visit one we hadn’t been to before and that we could drive to, this proved a bit tricky as we have been to quite a few in both directions from London. We had never heard of La Mauricie or Les Forges du St Maurice but they are well worth the trip.

The age old game of stick boat. You are never too old to play.

Our first day was driving through the park and stopping at look outs and having a picnic (besides the stick boat adventure) 

We were on the look out for red adirondack/muskoka chairs that are in all the National Parks this summer for photo ops and sharing on social media. There are 3 pairs at La Mauricie. The easiest pair to find are in an area that is closed because of bears #freakingwildlife The second pair is at a look out only accessible by canoe and not on the first day of an out trip #whyarethegodsagainstme Third pair will be the charm on the second day in the park, but there are thunder storms on deck for today so that hike has to wait. We made it to a cross country ski chalet coincidentally right when the rain hit and Beckett saw lightening strike the ground right outside on the Tarmac.

A highlight of the day for Beckett and John was actually in Shawinigan. It was finding the arena and seeing the Cataractes’ try outs/practice going on 

And the requisite purchase of fan supplies 

We googled the word ‘cataractes’ because the image ⬆️😳 but it refers to falls which Shawinigan is known for, still not sure about the image ( Shawinigan means south portage or angular portage, something to do with avoiding those falls 🤷🏻‍♀️most likely)  perhaps another example of poor judgment ( including ours supporting it ) 

I discovered amazing coffee

with wifi which is lovely on all fronts because the coffee at the hotel is awful as is the wifi in our room, despite being the closest room to the front desk in the building. 

Overall, a very good day

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