Our Nation’s Capital

You can’t celebrate Canada turning 150 and not go to Ottawa #itaintright

We got to Ottawa later than planned. There is a LOT of construction in Montréal, like unreal amounts -Londoners can not complain, and there is just as much on Quebec highways. This means by the time we made it from Shawinigan to Montreal, it was rush hour and that means a 3 – 3 1/2 hour drive to Ottawa took almost 6 hours 😬 so we made it to Ottawa in time to have dinner. Which meant no sightseeing, but just right for our dinner date! We took our first Uber #lateadopters and had a great time walking around downtown and then getting caught up. It was wonderful. Thx Mike and Cathy and Gillian! ( no photos 😣) 

So we have one day to do it all.

First up is Mösaicanada, an amazing garden sculpture phenomena 

It was free. And freaking awesome.

Then we went to the Museum of History. It was the one Museum I said we wouldn’t go to because we have gone to it every time we’ve come to Ottawa. Alas, they had an exhibit on hockey so I was overruled. 

Boys 😡

The ‘Our History’ exhibit is exhaustive. There is really too much to take in in one visit. It is a very truthful accounting of our history. We have made so many mistakes. So many freaking awful mistakes. I truly hope Canadians can learn from the past and make thoughtful and compassionate choices moving forward. 

Sun came out while we were inside ☀️

For the second night in a row, we met friends for dinner 🎉 we drove out to Greely to visit with Lee, Alex and Jackson. We had a yummy dinner and got semi caught up and then Alex and Jackson had to head to hockey try outs. I took no photos AGAIN

We debated staying another night because it seemed like we weren’t scratching the surface on what there was to see and do. Our hotel was booked up so decided to go to the Canadian War Museum and walk up to Parliament Hill and then drive to the cottage.

There was an amazing exhibit on Vimy Ridge to commemorate its 100 year anniversary.  We were at Vimy 2 summers ago so it was still fresh in our memories. 

I loved this model of the monument at Vimy. In real life the monument is HUGE and you really have no idea the detail on the different statues. It was so nice to see each part up close.

The other exhibit we saw documented Canada’s history in war starting with all of the wars that went into Canada’s creation and all of the ones that followed to date. Another exhaustive detailing. It would be better to pick a time frame and just focus on it. 

We had a snack in the cafe and then walked to Parliament Hill ( about 20 minutes) 

This means we saw some things we might not have seen:

The soon to open National Holocaust Monument across the street

The Firemen memorial

The Supreme Court of Canada 

We finally got there 

Another snack 

We bought some supplies at Byward Market for the cottage and headed back to the car.

Last stop in Ottawa

Best. Doughnuts. Ever. 

Cottage bound.

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