March Break 2018: Atlanta #ATL

The question was “how far would we have to drive to get to Spring?” The winning answer was Atlanta, a 13 hour drive from London, Ontario. Only we didn’t end up driving because John got an awesome seat sale the day before we were set to drive. #winning

Detroit airport bead pic with Cheez-Its #pepperjackforthewin

Flying the day we planned to start driving meant we were not going to struggle getting to our main event in ATL, an Atlanta United soccer game on Sunday

The Mercedes Benz Stadium is HUGE. The Atlanta Falcons also play here ( Americans like their football 🏈). The ATL United break a lot of attendance records in the MLS, we broke another on Sunday afternoon, but it’s hardly fair when your stadium seats 75,000 🤣

It was an exciting game, Opening Day in fact, with Atlanta winning against DC 4-1

We were last in Atlanta about 17 years ago when Gunnar was 1 1/2 ( and Beckett wasn’t around yet), we came for Easter with the extended Koreen family. We stayed in a different area this time, downtown, which was super convenient for the soccer match and the attractions like CNN, Coke and the aquarium. Otherwise downtown is basically office towers, parking garages, construction and empty lots. Maybe a handful of restaurants. NO SHOPPING. AT ALL.

I had a lot of Walking Dead moments.

We went to CNN and took the tour. And bought burritos at Moe’s because there is deal when Atlanta United scores 3 goals.

We did not see Carl Azuz or Anderson Cooper. ☹️

We took the Coke tour

We made Coke art

We did the Coke tour back in the day, in fact it was Gunnar’s first time having any kind of pop, but this is a new facility and all new exhibits. It’s very interactive and worth your time if you love all those coke commercials like me.

There is an AMAZING Southern cooking restaurant right by our hotel called Atlanta Breakfast Club #abc and it is so good, it makes it okay that there isn’t much else to choose from ( although it’s only open for breakfast and lunch)

We drank way too many different kinds of pop in the Coke tasting room ( I probably drank more in half an hour than I did all year up to now 🤣) and it was 2:45 when we got to #abc but they said no problem to coming in.

Shrimp and grits, chicken and biscuits and chicken and waffles OMG, so good.

I actually left my glasses there and the owner drove after us several blocks to return them. Seriously, if you go to Atlanta, eat here.

We went to the Martin Luther King, Jr Historic Site which is part of the National Park Service. We went here with Gunnar back in the day. We have an awesome picture of Gunnar taken here up on our family room wall that we wanted to recreate with Beckett.

I should post both pics but since I’m in Atlanta right now I’ll just post B’s

There is a lot more to the site than I remember

The church was here when we first visited, but I don’t remember walking over to it or through the refurbished neighbourhood

We ended up walking back to our hotel from the MLK, Jr site. It had the potential to get a bit sketch at times but Southern people are gracious and polite no matter their circumstances. I was mostly afraid of walkers 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️

There is A LOT of amazing art on walls and buildings in Atlanta. I tried to get photos of what I saw but it was not always convenient to stop

Have you read the March series of graphic novels by John Lewis ? They are amazing, they tell John Lewis’ story from birth, to the March on Washington, to becoming a congressman. I borrowed them from the library and I’m having regrets over not buying them

The Atlanta Aquarium is world class. And gigantic.

It has the coolest penguin observatory

And belugas ❤️

And neon fish from the 80’s

And a really sinister off brand Nemo, named Deepo

On the plus side, I’m not so worried about walkers anymore

Do you watch Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives? We do and we always try to go to one of Guy Fieri’s shoutouts wherever we go.

In Atlanta, it was Fox Bros BBQ ( Roger Mooking from Man, Fire, Food was there when we were and filming an episode, that’s how epic this restaurant is)

The portions are insane and so rich. It was too much food and it’s taken days to recover 😂

Have you ever wondered what Frito Pie is? Just me? It’s Fritos, basically loaded like nachos and still in the bag ( that bag weighed more than the beef brisket burger), Texas fries are poutine levelled up #everythingsbiggerintexas

Let’s not forget what John ordered ; chicken and ribs and 2 sides, we’ve gained 40 pounds #fact

Thursday was the most gorgeous day by far, it went up to 17C so we scrapped plans to go to the High Museum of Art and went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

They have some gorgeous Chihuly glass that reminded me of Seattle

See how hard it is being Spring here 😍

There was an orchid exhibit

They were in a hot house

There was a desert garden that overlooked Piedmont Park

And a rare pink tree

I can’t even fathom painting it

It was an amazing afternoon

I might have gone back to Atlanta Breakfast Club 🙄

for a bacon, fried green tomato and lettuce on a biscuit sandwich OMG it wassooooo good.

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