More Montréal

There has been a lot of walking.

We bought subway passes but we get walking and looking around and something catches our eye; art, live music, cool shops, gorgeous old/funky modernist architecture and the next thing you know we are almost wherever we were going, so we just walk. We sleep well.

The Musèe d’art contemporain MAC ( museum of contemporary art) had a really great exhibit on Expo67. The ad above shows a woman looking at a scrapbook her parents made on their honeymoon to Expo67. In the exhibit, she sings a song that’s a poem about the Expo and images flash from the scrapbook, it is quite moving. There are many different video presentations showing then and now and different points of view. There are models of the different pavilions then and now. We loved a drone video following the path the monorail took ( it has since been dismantled). The exhibit is part time capsule, part performance art, sometimes interactive and extremely captivating- so I took no photos 🤣

Beckett and I did enjoy some of the other exhibits

That’s me ⬆️

There was a whole interactive exhibit with light and shadow, some parts of it overlapped with others. We were laughing pretty hard at some inappropriateness but mostly just thrilled at the cleverness of it all.

Rainbows are everywhere

And then water and light played a role

Just when you think people must seriously be incorrigible and we are doomed ( listen to any news report right now involving Trump and white supremists), going to an art gallery can restore your belief in why we should all be here. The creativity and cleverness, the ability to produce an awe effect proves there are people out there taking steps against all that garbage we need to dispose of sooner than later. 

Look for the beauty in your day 

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